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Come Find Us on the Web 2.0 Expo Floor! There's a BIG sign.



Schedule Key: Hybrid Sessions, Pre-Programmed Sessions, Open Sessions (determined on site)


Day 2 - Thursday, September 18th, 2008


  Room 1 (rounds)
Room 2 (rounds)
Room 3 (theater style)
Hybrid Session (what?)


- 10:30

Day 2 Welcome / Check-in / Hello      


- 11:20pm

How to fund your startup Grassroots Web - build a better playground Everything You Need to Know About Advertising with Darren Herman (MediaKitchen) and Chris Cunningham (Appssavvy)

11:35 -


Dataportability - it's not just social, it's good for your health Automating the Cloud: Free network services and the Franklin Street Statement  The self, identitiy and the Internet

Starting Up in Silicon Alley

with Nate Westheimer, Kevin Ryan, David Rose, and Karin Klein


- 1:10pm

Grab Your Lunch! Grab Your Lunch! Grab Your Lunch!  

Lunch Session:


- 1:50pm

 Starting Up in Silicon Alley follow up with Nate Westheimer, David S Rose, Karin Klein, and Kevin Ryan  Open! (determined on site)  Open! (determined on site)  


- 2:50pm

 Fashion 2.0, with David Reinke and Yuli Ziv

 Open! (determined on site)  Separated @ Birth? Making the most of transatlantic digital business  


- 3:55pm

  SpeedDatingQA! It's like musical chairs, where the likes of Tim O'Reilly, Deb Schultz, Gary Vaynerchuk, Brady Forrest, Dennis Crowley, James Au, Jen Pahlka, and more of the folks YOU want to meet come round to tables where YOU'RE seated so you can ask them ANYTHING you want!   Also Speed-Dating!  Open! (determined on site)  


- 5pm

 Open! (determined on site)  Open! (determined on site)  Open! (determined on site)  



Day 1 - Wednesday, September 17th, 2008


  Room 1 (rounds)
Room 2 (rounds)
Room 3 (theater style)
Hybrid Session (what?)


- 10:55

Welcome & Introduction      


- 12:00pm

 Marketing 2.0 - Jonah P. Startup Deathmatch! (Venture v. Bootstrap, Rails vs world,etc)  Why are ugly websites the biggest? Is Ugly better?

Viral Marketing 2.0

with Jonah Peretti


Go REST with Rails

with David Heinemeier Hansson


- 12:30pm

Grab Your Lunch! Grab Your Lunch! Grab Your Lunch!  

Lunch Session:


- 1:10pm

Go REST with Rails

Follow up with David Heinemeier Hansson

How Brands can make friends and influence people on the social web

Practical Web 2.0 - Use of New Media in America's Kitchen Economy




- 2:10pm

What Old Media can teach New Media (and vice versa)
Dean Landsman and Howard Greenstein

Enterprise 2.0 - how to introduce it to traditional organizations


 How to use/Work with Social Networks for Social Causes - esp. environmental (see shore11.org  


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